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Robert G. Stahl | Attorney at Law

Since launching his criminal defense firm 17 years ago, Robert G. Stahl has successfully defended individuals and companies in federal and state courts charged with all types of white-collar and violent crimes including: fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, mortgage fraud, drug violations, RICO, and murder. Mr. Stahl acquired the legal skills and knowledge to effectively defend those investigated or charged with the most serious crimes from experience as an award-winning former federal prosecutor and today as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

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Robert G Stahl
Attorney Robert G. Stahl on the Boston Federal Courthouse Steps
After Dias Kadyrbayev's May 2013 Initial Appearance on Obstruction Charges
in Connection With the Boston Marathon Aftermath

Attorney Robert G. Stahl, firm founder, represents Dias Kadyrbayev, the college student from Kazakhstan charged with obstruction in the Boston Marathon aftermath case. Mr. Stahl has been featured on the Fox News Channel, CNN, CBS Evening News and other media across the globe. The Kadyrbayev trial in Boston Federal Court is scheduled to begin in September 2014.

Have you been accused of a state or federal crime? Your goal is to have those charges dismissed or to be acquitted at trial. Are you under investigation by federal or state authorities? Your aim is to avoid being charged with a crime.

At The Law Offices of Robert G. Stahl, LLC, we have successfully defended hundreds of individuals targeted by investigations or formally accused of state and federal crimes and we'll fight to help you meet these objectives. Contact us online to discuss your legal matter.

Knowledgeable and Qualified Legal Counsel

Our firm was founded in 1997 and our criminal defense attorneys have more than 50 years of combined criminal law experience for both defense and prosecution. This valuable experience on both sides of criminal matters is key to helping us fight your charges. Our attorney team's credentials and experience include:

Robert Stahl

  • A former award-winning Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the largest excise tax fraud case in the history of the United States, as well as a number of organized crime and business fraud cases;
  • Recipient of the Director's Award and John Marshall Award, both top national honors from the U.S. Department of Justice;
  • Membership and association with the New Jersey Supreme Court, the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the American Association for Justice; and
  • New Jersey Super Lawyer status for seven consecutive years, 2007-2013.

Laura Gasiorowski

  • Who has significant experience in appellate litigation and has worked on a number of high profile appeals, including capital cases at the federal level.

Joshua F. McMahon

  • A former assistant Union county prosecutor;
  • Tried more than 40 felony cases before juries; and
  • Handled hundreds of investigations, pleas and sentencings over eight years.

Experienced Criminal Defense Practice

We are experienced and adept at successfully handling complex white-collar criminal defense cases involving millions of documents and multiple defendants, as well as complicated and overlapping business transactions and ownership. Our criminal law practice represents defendants in state and federal courts.

Skilled Civil Litigation Attorneys

In our civil litigation practice our attorneys also represent clients in all types of business disputes, including business torts and contract litigation defense.

At The Law Offices of Robert G. Stahl, LLC, our deep understanding of complex commercial, financial and business transactions allows us to recognize how certain transactions can sometimes raise red flags to prosecutors, tax authorities and state and federal law enforcement agencies. Our involvement as early as possible at the inception of your investigation may help eliminate or minimize exposure to criminal charges and liability.

Appeals: Federal and State

Post-trial, our firm also handles appeals at the state and federal levels.

Contact a New York and New Jersey-Based Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Contact us online to set up an appointment or call us at 908-301-9001 for our Westfield, New Jersey office, or 212-755-3300 for our Manhattan office.