White-Collar Crimes Carry Serious Penalties

It is a common misconception that those who are convicted of White-Collar crimes do not spend time in "real" prisons. Indeed, many people believe that those facing prison sentences for crimes like securities fraud, mortgage fraud, or tax evasion do time in a "country club" atmosphere, where they are spared the indignities of normal prison life. The fact is, however, that convictions for White-Collar crimes can bring serious prison sentences in harsh conditions.

The Prison Routine

Even in low security federal prisons, inmates are subject to a strict routine. Typically, inmates must arise every morning at 6:00am, even though they are routinely awakened periodically throughout the night. After getting up, inmates have exactly 90 minutes to shower, get dressed, and make their way to their job, most of which pay only about $1.00 an hour.

Inmates are allowed to save up and purchase items at the prison commissary, such as snacks and drinks. Depending on the prison, inmates may also be allowed to purchase personal items such as televisions or radios.

Although life in a low security facility may not seem unbearable to some, the most difficult aspect to deal with for most inmates is simple: the loss of freedom. As an inmate, each part of your day is broken down into an invariable routine, no matter whether it is a weekend or holiday. A guard's permission is necessary before you are allowed to perform even the smallest task.

The Penalties for White-Collar Crimes Can Be Harsh

Depending on the crime, those convicted of White-Collar crimes can face decades-long prison terms and lengthy probation periods when released. In addition, depending on the crime, those convicted may have to pay not only restitution, but also significant fines and fees. Furthermore, a conviction can cause irreparable damage to both a person's reputation and his relationships with family and friends. Indeed, a conviction can change a person's life forever.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love is under investigation or facing charges for securities fraud, mortgage fraud, or any other White-Collar crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can assess your case and help you protect your rights. For more information, contact an attorney today