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Everyday Technology That Spies on You – Available to Law Enforcement and Countless Unauthorized Users

By Robert G. Stahl Esq., NJ & NY Criminal Defense Lawyer posted in Privacy, Spying, Search and Seizure, Warrant, GPS on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Recent cases continue to reveal the advancements in technology and how they are used, both properly and improperly, to track our movements, actions and private lives.

First, new cars have increasingly sophisticated technology. Roadside assistance features and other devices track our vehicles’ locations, speed and other relevant activities. Most vehicles are now equipped with Event Data Recorders, also known as a vehicle black box. Local police departments are now equipped to retrieve and analyze the black box data and use it against you in court. As of May 2018, almost all U.S. vehicles come standard with a black box installed.

Tags: Privacy, Spying, Search and Seizure, Warrant, GPS

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