If you have been accused of, or are under investigation for, racketeering and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, the New Jersey and New York criminal defense law firm of Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers, can help. Our lawyer team includes a corporate litigator as well as a former prosecutor/Assistant U.S. Attorney. As a prosecutor, Robert Stahl worked on numerous cases involving RICO violations. As a criminal defense firm, we have defended individuals and organizations accused of high-level and complex crimes, including racketeering.

If you face accusations of racketeering or violating the RICO Act, contact a legal team that includes a former Assistant United States Attorney and prosecutor. Call Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers, at 908-301-9001 or contact us online.

The RICO Act Provides Prosecutors With a Powerful Tool

With the passage of the RICO Act, the federal government created for itself a powerful tool to be used against alleged criminals. Specifically, RICO provides:

  • The government with extended penalties for criminal acts performed by alleged criminal organizations
  • A civil cause of action for those allegedly injured by violations of the Act
  • The government with legal tools that make it easier to prosecute alleged organized crime figures

Prosecutors use rights granted by RICO to investigate a broad range of alleged criminal activities and organizations, including alleged drug organizations, organized burglary rings, car theft rings and other organizations. Jail time and asset seizure and forfeiture commonly result.

Building a Strong Defense in Complex Cases

We focus our practice on handling complex cases that frequently involve multiple jurisdictions, multiple defendants and voluminous documents dating back months and years. If you have been accused of a RICO violation, contact us now before the investigation is complete. In some instances, we are able to convince the government that charges should not be brought.

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