The case against Martha Stewart clearly showcases the dangers of lying under oath and to government officials. Ms. Stewart told one seemingly small lie in regard to a stock transaction. The lie resulted in a five-month prison term and a five-month period in which she was required to wear an ankle bracelet and monitor.

The specific crime of perjury occurs when a lie is told under oath. An often equally serious offense is lying to government authorities. Even "bending" the truth or claiming false ignorance on your doorstep at 6 a.m. to federal agents who question you without counsel or time to reflect is a punishable offense.

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Perjury Charges Can Arise Out of a Number of Situations

Perjury and other charges involving misrepresentations can occur in the courtroom, in grand jury investigations, in a civil deposition or in a broad range of circumstances in which individuals are questioned by government agents and law enforcement officials. Material misstatements and lies are frequently punishable and are not protected by Miranda rights unless the accused is detained or arrested.

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We have successfully represented individuals charged with perjury and related violations, including a recent case in which the brother of a police officer was charged with perjury after the officer was arrested by the FBI. We represented the officer's brother at trial in federal court, where he was fully acquitted of perjury charges.

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